Wondering???? How it took time to become a Wander

Well!! here we are again in a new decade, new wishes, goals,challenges... This is my first blog and a small story of mine from a dream to travel for a longer duration and try some adventure activities, new culture. It is difficult to explain, when you are day dreaming to wander, fly and the desire to see the world is still a dream. But, in the midst of all my fanciful day dreaming the most unexpected series of events occurred in 2019. Few friends with whom I can be myself, with whom my family is comfortable to travel planned 2 trips. One Dandeli in May 2019 and Andaman in Dec 2019. Both were fueled my dreams to come true. Both trips gave me a chance to explore myself, meet new people understand the noise and world which is not in my day to day life. Dandeli, I did river rafting and Andaman trip made me to take my first flight, made me to go 40feet underwater and there were so many situations which made me to push myself. Truely! feeling of " Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" :) River rafting teaches you to take the risk and deal with it and teamwork!! you have to go against the big rafts and still how smoothly with enjoyment you will come out. Andaman is absolutely is with incredible islands and marine life, mangroves, white sand. Out of these many kept secret is Baratang lsland. To reach the island you will travel inside 50kms dense forest, which is a home for 249 tribal called "Jarwa". Of course, Scuba diving makes you want of "Deeper Blue". When you go deeper and deeper you hear only the "bulooo bulooo " sound which is nothing but your own Breath. We human are so lucky that we can be in 40,000feet height , we can be in 40feet below under water and also in avg altitude of above 2000ft sea level. Let's Wander, Explore and also save this environment for out next gene. :)

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