Weekend Trip to Nagarhole (20.04.2019)

Last year April I visited Nagarhole with my colleagues. The town is praised for its picturesque natural setting and rich flora and fauna. Lush green forests and beautiful waterfalls are also some of the attractive attributes of Nagarhole. It’s beautiful temples also provide a true glimpse of the cultural significance of the town. Thus among various getaways from Bangalore, Nagarhole is 1 destination that caters to various interests such as wildlife, bird watching, falls, and temples. We decided to make our way to Nagarhole forest also known as ‘Rajiv Gandhi National Park’. Thanks to Sreenivasa Reddi, The Jeep ride to the jungle was full of excitement and thrill. Our Mobile Camera was always ready to capture the entire moment of the trip. Unfortunately, we could not see Tigers and other animals which everyone wishes but we were able to spot barking deer, Sambar and birds. It was an awesome experience while enjoying the serene ambience of natural beauty of the Nagarhole. Jeep ride passes through the deep and dense sal forested area of the Nagarhole. Finding accommodation inside the forest is a very expensive affair. There are some resorts nearby but they charge a bomb for that. Hence we decided to find accommodation in Kodagu and got a good deal. Really it was truly a wonderful stay at the wildlife resort. Next morning, after breakfast, we moved towards Iruppu falls. Lakshmana Tirtha Falls is another name for Irpu Falls, situated in the Bhramagiri hills. Along with being a major tourist attraction, Irupu falls is also acclaimed as a pilgrim spot. The water flow was considerably less because of the summer season setting in. But still, we enjoyed playing under the falls, getting gently massaged by the thousands of tiny water droplets. After a few hours at this place, we decided to try our luck at the Kabini river bank. The weather was just awesome. We spent time on taking selfies, exploring the river bank and surroundings nearby and then we made our way back to Bangalore.   Picture Courtesy: Sreenivasa Reddi,Jay Santosh, Yogesh, Venkatesh, Gautham, Naresh

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