The memories are forever- Here me with 2019

Hello all. Wishing you all a Very happy and Prosperous new year 2020. It's been a fantastic last year- 2019. Another year gone by Just like as a Spark. It was another year of Personal and Professional growth. I had witnessed a lot of Love, Fun, Learning, Healthy arguments (Of course on Talent Acquisition targets), Fights (SShhhhhhhh Don’t ask :-) ) and blaa…blaa…Blaa…blaa………………… Yes this called life…without mixture of all life gets bored. When I look back at past and a lot of wonderful memories but I could pick few where I personally had a good time with my family and extended family (Axcendians). So here we go with few.... 1. ACL- Axcend Cricket League & ACL- Axcend Carrom League Axcend Cricket League – It was really a wonderful experience as a organizer and player. I personally enjoyed the whole event with my colleagues. It’s been a long time where I didn’t get a chance to play leagues after college days and it was fulfilled through ACL after ages. Its real time play ground which I felt like professional player may be me as DHONI (wow… wow...a big wow :-) :-) :-)) Axcend Carrom League – I might not be that stressed if it would have been chess that much talent I found out all ACL (Axcend Carrom League) entire event was absolutely excellent with award winning moment. - Games strategies and Strategies against opponents - Hunger to win at any cost - Tense moments - And finally new champions 2. Annual Day I could remember the mega dance event where all Axcendians were part of this. This is the best. We were trained like as a film stars :-). The trainer was very supportive and we had an extensive training after office hours and finally the final output was Mind-blowing. I felt so AWWWW>>>. 3. I and my family had short trip at the end of Dec’19. We visited southern ghat Karnataka pilgrimage to end year with positive note and to get positive energy to the new start. The travel includes Gokarna -> Murudeshwar - > Udipi ->Dharmasthala and Kukke Subramanian temples though places were crowded due to long holiday season but we were having god blessings everywhere. I’m coming to the most interesting part in this trip is Halu Rameshwara Temple (Hosadurga). This is not a known temple for us. My cab driver enrouted to this temple which is a “Wishing Well” and the appropriate result will be out to the wishes made by the devotees then and there and we are witnessed the results as miraculously pop up articles / eatables such as banana, flowers, betel leaves, bangles, coconuts etc appropriate to the wishes made by the devotees. Here about what we saw there:: We went inside the temple and there was a small queue. We are very curious and full of observation of what is exactly happening inside the temple. There were two people in-front of my family members. The first person sat and they made their wish and miraculously banana with bangle was slowly pop-up from the well. I was surprised and it’s hard to believe that what is happening in-front your eyes. The same thing happened to the next person and he got a betel leaves with Saffron (Kunkuma) from the well. Yes, you heard me right.. Finally it’s our turn and my In-laws made their wish but nothing pop-up expect some small petal piece of leaf, then the priest told us that whatever wishes you made it might take some more time. I had lot of questions and keeping all in my mind and from there we moved to Gokarna. It’s a mystique belief which we were witnessed, so said “Good Bye” to year 2019 with this personal experience.

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