Surprising year “2019” – Happiness and fun bundle

Year 2019 had been great in both personal and professional life with many great memories brought lot of happiness and joy to the soul. Along with joy and fun it’s been surprising too... “Expectations where never beyond the surprises” Thanks for providing this opportunity to express it on the blog. I’m just reliving experience of 2 best surprises of 2019 by putting down in the words here for people around to read, feel and enjoy it... First surprise goes here 1) Receiving top honor of signing the Axcend's 16th January 2019 day of achievement during Annual celebration Attending the annual meet with first instance of having life partner and child along with me was a Level up for me coinciding with Axcend's theme “LEVEL UP”. The fun had begun with introducing family to all colleagues and friends, participating in the games, enjoying the beautiful evening with some inspiring performance on stage ,motivational talk and toward the end there was an surprise that was beyond the expectation bundle with joy and happiness where Axcend's 16th January 2019 day entry to Axcend bible was attached to values I have been living in Axcend which states as "Living the Axcend values, leading the tribe with stewardship, deepening roots and unleashing limitless possibilities" It was a heart touching moment to me and my family which is difficult to express it… loved the moment. Thank you very much for such lovely experience. Second surprise of the year... 2) Business trip to United States of America - Orlando Foreign trip was always on mind but never thought first visit would be to USA. The Journey to get VISA was not less than a roller coaster ride with lots of planning, ideas put down to crack it but still failed on first attempt. Never let failure kill the hope, with support from colleagues and management and experience from failure helped in the way to get the VISA in second attempt. That was awesome feeling… Then the business trip was planned to Orlando, Florida City, United States of America to attend world conference event. The journey was again challenging with flight getting delayed, missing connecting flight, unexpected stay at LONDON and finally reaching the destination a day later. With not much of conference work and Orlando city best known for tourist place, the stay was superbly spent enjoying the Walt Disney's Creation • EPCOT - World showcase, food from around the world and sceneries • The Animal Kingdom - Love for animal always on top, experiencing the ASIAN, AFRICAN Forest, Safari ride, River rafting, The Avatar experience and many more... • Hollywood Studio – Star war, galaxy return and adding to the beauty was the Christmas decoration – beautiful views... Thanks to Sudhakar Kaup for his kind gesture during my stay Best things learnt in USA • Traffic lane discipline - Vehicles never gets on to lane that doesn’t belong to their path • Pedestrians walk - Never cross the road in between, use only zebra crossing, can control the traffic signal with push button to stop the vehicle for zebra crossing • Queue discipline - People will always stand scattered while waiting in queue and still knows who is in front, never try to jump the queue, have lots of patience Journey was great and memorable. Year 2019 will always be special for above 2 surprises best moments ... Looking forward for many more opportunities, accomplishment and to spread happiness around bring smile on people facing. After all smile is the best medicine to stay healthy... SMILEEEEEEEE…… 😊😊😊

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