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Engineering Services

With the constant need to push the boundaries of production, manufacturing processes are becoming complex and dynamic. As technology vendors develop new products at a fast rate, the wants of the manufacturers keep shifting. They rely upon solution providers to deliver the right combination of technologies that will help achieve their goals.

Being in the industry for over two decades, Axcend understands how solution providers work with manufacturers to deliver the best value possible. We also know how hard it is to keep up with the shifting technology landscape. Our engineering services cater to the demands of the manufacturers, customize it based on the solution you design for them and as your extended team, allow you to scale your services and value delivered.


Digitization is often the first step for any manufacturers looking to transform and take advantage of the improvements that technology brings with it. As solution providers, you will know that there are nuances to digitization than adding sensors to the machines and collecting data. We understand all the complexities involved in digitization (variety of connectivity protocols, the control system platforms, the types of machines etc.) and ensure that your solution is implemented to perfection for the manufacturers.


Standardization helps manufacturers achieve scale for both business and process. Apart from standardization at a material or a tool level, manufacturers looking for digital transformation should also look at standardization at a systems and software level. As a solution provider, you will be expected to strike a balance between localized processes and standardization to deliver the best for the manufacturer.

With our multi-disciplinary approach to engineering, we understand manufacturing process and adapt to the uniqueness of the plant so that there is significant time saved when you deploy solutions to your customers.

Our standardization offering include:

  • Enabling software systems on cloud to standardize access to data and visibility
  • Standardizing systems across plants so that they make use of same tools and capabilities
  • Help build standard processes across plants to ensure everyone is using the system in the same way
  • Integrating a variety of systems so that they talk to each other


More often than not, manufacturers will try to squeeze the maximum dollars from their sunk investments. And this means more pressure on you as a solution provider to migrate existing systems and software on to newer platforms. With our broad-range understanding of technologies and platform-agnostic capabilities, we ensure that your customers get the best value possible from their investments.

Helps generate more RoI from existing investments

Allows focus on core process knowledge while adapting to change

Empowers the manufacturers with more choice in their digital transformation initiatives
Enables seamless transformation of technology maturity for the manufacturers


Setting up a manufacturing unit is a complex undertaking. We understand what it takes and also the immense pressure that is placed on solution providers like you to provide the right combination of equipment, process and systems for the manufacturer. To de-risk your customer and deliver more accuracy to your solutions, we bring you our commissioning offering.

We simulate floor plans, machine layouts, manufacturing processes end-to-end or in part to determine the expected performance on the shop floor even before the machines and systems are deployed.

Managed Support

Manufacturers expectations from solution providers goes beyond just systems deployment—they require continuous support for the deployed systems. With so many moving parts in manufacturing operations, we understand it can become complex to support the systems behind them and the system’s performance can impact the manufacturing operations significantly.

Our vast knowledge of the manufacturing ecosystem and the understanding of the technology systems ensure that the solutions you deploy will keep running at optimum performance. And with our experience in the IT-OT space means our support extends beyond IT systems.

We provide managed support through on-site, remote or hybrid models for:

  • Software IT solutions
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • On-site or cloud-based infrastructure
  • Application monitoring and management

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Why Axcend?

Multi-faceted professionals

Our upskilled multi-disciplinary teams keep up with the dynamic tech landscape to deliver the best of breed technology solutions to the customers.

Certified for quality and process

We’re an ISO and CSIA certified company that indicates our quality and delivery process are the best in the industry.

Flexible engagement models

We have flexible engagement models to balance your budget with your priorities.

Domain understanding

We understand your customers and their domain-specific processes and that helps us accelerate solution delivery.

Axcend worked with a solution provider to achieve timely AMP5 compliance for their customer, a top water utility firm in the UK, with an accelerated legacy upgradation delivery