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Business Accelerators

As manufacturing technology evolves, so do the demands from the manufacturers. Manufacturers want to push the boundaries of their operations with their investments on technology and rely upon solution providers to make that happen and that too fast.

We realize this need for speed and have developed our business accelerator offerings. Based on our innate understanding of the manufacturing segment and our experience in working with the ecosystem players, we’ve developed best-practices-led, framework-driven accelerators.

This helps solution providers deploy their solutions faster and thus scale their business and margins significantly.

Integration Accelerators

Helps manufacturers achieve connectivity across their manufacturing unit right from the transactional systems (enterprise) to the physical systems (PLC, SCADA). We have libraries for common platforms that can work across communication protocols. This enables solution providers to design and develop solutions without worrying about the availability and access to data from machines and systems.

Installation Accelerators

Enables manufacturers to deploy solutions quickly with the least amount of effort and business risk. We have pre-built simulation models to mimic shop floor scenarios that can help solution providers choose the right combination of equipment and processes to deliver impactful solutions for manufacturers.

Solution Accelerators

Enables quick Industry 4.0 solution delivery through pre-configured, template-based modules. These modules include track and trace for quality management and dashboards for manufacturing metrics and providing plant visibility, lean production planning to improve efficiency in operations, lean material and inventory management to drive down costs and much more.

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Why Axcend?


Axcend worked with a solution provider to achieve timely AMP5 compliance for their customer, a top water utility firm in the UK, with an accelerated legacy upgradation delivery