Smart Operability

Axcend’s result driven interoperability solutions empower our clients to achieve the objective of running lean, agile and nimble operations – wherein rapidly changing market dynamics and technology landscapes can be reflected across the organizations functional and business systems instantaneously. Our holistic approach to digital operations is a comprehensive strategy that empowers our clients to connect every data island in their operations to their mainstream information network and work the information to business benefitting decisions.

Our solutions are designed with cognizance of real world requirements of balancing new systems with existing systems, protecting existing assets and investments while leveraging new assets and technological advancements. Our Smart Interoperability concept works across industrial protocols, communication standards, functional and business layers.

Axcend’s SMART Equipment offerings

Business Functional Integration Frameworks:

Axcend’s SMART operability integration frameworks empower decision makers with real time, accurate and comprehensive operational information to make data driven, result oriented decisions. If you are looking for a level 1 to level 4 integration governed by Industry 4.0, IIOT standards or SMLC, ISA, IIC driven level 3 to level 4 integrations – our solutions deliver harmonious integration.

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Device Integration:

Device integration solutions allow our clients to interoperate and communicate with their devices and assets across multiple industrial protocols, across multiple communication standards like OPC UA, MQTT etc., Axcend’s device integration solutions enable plant managers and Operational teams to do comprehensive operational data analysis to arrive at real-time tactical decisions that impact day-to-day plant operations.

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Industry Segments

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Power & Utility
  • Industrial Machinery

Customer Type

  • System Integrator
  • OEM


Richard Chew_Hitachi

One of my major concerns in this LMP project is whether the selected delivery partner understands the requirement clearly and their ability to align the development to achieve the solution objectives. Now that we have completed and successfully tested LMP, I can now say that Axcend has met the expectations and successfully delivered the solution on time.

What impresses me more is not just the diligence to complete the modules right the first time but the diligence to improve them and to make it more usable for my client.

Richard Chew_Hitachi