Build SMART equipment that delivers the best performance and profitability to your customers.

We take pride in empowering the digital transformation journey of our clients, which we believe is complete only when their past and present systems harmoniously connect with the future. Our SMART equipment digital transformation strategy means making minimalist changes in existing systems, protecting current investments, while delivering the needs of the new market. Our add-on smart packages fluidly adapt to your requirements and make the transformation seamless, scalable and secure.

At a time, when traditionally accepted efficiency metrics are put under pressure, our engineers push forward with solutions that enable our client systems to collaborate with upstream and downstream systems to monitor, analyze, adapt and improve every measurable performance parameter, keeping our clients always ahead of competition.

Our SMART equipment framework will help you accelerate your product strategy, gain advanced operational insights, enable predictive maintenance, optimize service costs, enable new revenue streams and most importantly keep you and your customers ahead of the technology curve.

Axcend’s SMART Equipment offerings:

Remote Operations:

At Axcend, we take a taller stand when it comes to remote connectivity – just establishing remote communication is no longer valid. Our remote solutions empower complete system control enabling remote programming, diagnosis, performance monitoring, predictive maintenance and operator training thereby delivering real, tangible engineering and business benefits.

Our SMART equipment framework enables rapid development of advanced remote monitoring, remote diagnostics, remote programming and predictive maintenance solutions into your machines for guaranteed performance and service levels..

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Intelligent IoT – buzz to benefits:

As part of smart strategy our engineers ensure elegant adaptation of all components including real time data devices like PLC,DCS or standalone systems into the internet of things platforms. Based on the business scenario addressed, the systems can be an onCloud Mobility enabled system or a self-containing on the EDGE stack based on single chip pcs like Raspberry Pi.

We at Axcend are one of the earliest adapters of IIOT in the manufacturing world. Our engineers have built real world integrated IIOT solutions that work in tandem with all the popular automation technology platforms and products.

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Analytics lies at the core of our SMART equipment framework. Our award winning analytics solutions combine the power of domain based algorithms that process huge time based data and event triggers to provide unique actionable insights from the plant floor data and product performance.

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Industry Segments

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Power & Utility
  • Industrial Machinery

Customer Type

  • System Integrator
  • OEM



The association with Axcend has been a great partnership with a professional team that has strong knowledge base, flexibility to meet user requirements and a very good service attitude.