Deliver at the speed of SMART

Axcend’s SMART engineering concept is a pragmatic approach to manufacturing engineering, wherein unique patterns and best practices of client operations are identified, corroborated, codified and modularized for repeatable success. Over time Industry best practices evolve to meet operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance and standardization. Our engineering team with years of manufacturing experience transforms these critical success factors into software solutions with reusable components, custom libraries and packages thereby releasing the man power and resources for better business gains.

We at Axcend believe in keeping our client ahead of their competition at every step. By building domain specific, technology specific and application specific libraries we enable OEM’s to create new products faster, reduce time to market and help them build adaptive products that wrap around customer needs and industry needs.

Axcend’s SMART Engineering Offerings


Library Development:

Faster new products, standardization and compilance

We encapsulate domain intelligence, Industry standards, localization and customer driven standards into reusable libraries. Our 15 years of solution building experience across multiple industries and multiple technology platforms will enable rapid application development, faster integration, reduced total cost of ownership and improved quality.

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Integrated Test beds:

Technology agnostic remote testing

Our SMART engineering framework help you build remote virtual soft platforms for testing and emulating PLC/SCADA platforms – allowing remote teams to test control engineering design before implementation or before commissioning thereby saving engineering time at implementation level and lower total cost of ownership for the end client

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Digital Workbench:

Classic control engineering with latest immersive technologies

Digital workbench brings in classic control engineering with latest immersive technologies to maximize operator efficiency in critical production lines. A digital work bench brings in work instructions, maintenance alerts, maintenance instructions and videos and real time operations in a single interface. SMART engineering brings in the power of multiple systems into a single HMI interface that he operator is comfortable with.

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Virtual Commissioning:

3D modeling, virtual simulation and analytics

Our SMART engineering framework combines 3D modeling, virtual simulation and analytics to simulate production lines complete with machine animations, process data, operator actions and bottle neck analysis. Allowing engineering teams to pre-flight test their designs and its impact.

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Industry Segments

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Power & Utility
  • Industrial Machinery

Customer Type

  • System Integrator
  • OEM



The engagement of the Axcend management team, as well as the flexibility and the always ready to help” attitude really proves that Axcend is definitely more than an outsourcer. It is a real partner