Industrial Engineering: Offerings

Modelling and Simulation

OEMs and manufacturers have long been grappling with the twin issues of cost reduction and efficiency improvement, both of which have remained a pipe dream for many. With the aid of our expert industrial engineering team, it is possible to use digital manufacturing technologies to model and simulate a process or even a new facility before investing in infrastructure. We help you make a smart choice!

Modelling and Simulation

Our digital manufacturing solutions enable:

  • System Integrators to create a walk-through for your clients’ proposed manufacturing facility and even simulate various manufacturing processes.
  • Giving your client complete control over decision-making, such as material flow optimization, cycle time tuning or load balancing.

Our solutions have been meticulously developed to enable system integrators to hugely empower clients’ manufacturing across three functions:

  • The physical aspect that includes infrastructure, material movements, sizing and equipment locations.
  • The human resource factor such as efficiency, comfort and risk of the employees.
  • The process functions, which includes plans, routes and shop floor operations.

Process validation

Ideation, Simulation, Satisfaction, Creation.

Process Validation 1

Our thumb rule to perfection s comprehensiveness and competency and we achieve perfection by optimal resource utilization to provide products that are efficient and digital models of logistic systems that can optimize any system’s performance formaximum efficiency. Axcend also goes as far as providing modelling tools for testing and to run experiments in order to eliminate bottle necks and identify limits and potential throughput of a production system pre-installation.

Human Ergonomics

“We help you preserve your most vital resource: Manpower”

Ergonomics is a scientific discipline that focuses on human-system interactions. Our excellent ergonomic solutions are widely known to apply rigorous theory, principle, data and methods to build the most optimal systems for your clients, while retaining focus on the wellbeing of the human user as well as of system performance.

Human Ergonomics 1

Key Features of our Solutions:

  • Focus on suitability of a particular device/system/process for a human user and ensure their safety at all times.
  • Study problem areas that include allocation of functions to humans and machines, person-system interface design, accident prevention, risk assessment, human performance under various types of stresses.
  • Improve profitability by uncovering human performance and feasibility issues early thereby avoiding rework costs
  • Improve compliance with ergonomic standards and communicate engineering issues related to workplace safety violations

We believe in delivering a complete and creative package for all your needs. In addition to the above, we also serve unique solutions for your clients to visually capture and store the best practices for future programs and enhance workplace safety and efficiency.

Digital Work Instructions

“We make it simpler for you”

Being in close liaison with our clients, we realize that every manufacturer needs an instruction solution such as assembly, disassembly and preventive maintenance procedure, which not only provides the most up-to-date information, but also clearly demonstrates the process steps using 2D/3D visualization tools, which acts as fool-proof methodology. Our digital work instructions paint a clear picture for your clients to create product deliverables and strengthen the creative output.

We offer clients a threefold benefit package:

  • The ability to ramp up their work force quickly with market upswings
  • Reduced cost in doing so
  • Training temporary and semi-skilled workers to perform higher level tasks.

Digital & Work Instruction

We ensure that manufacturing processes are synchronized with regular and accurate updates on new changes in process, with the help of E-published work instructions. It helps in cost reduction, improves product quality and provides realistic information on the shop floor.

Industrial Automation

“Welcoming new technology made smoother!”

Integrating existing hardware and automation machinery to new generation systems in order to meet the optimum performance levels as demanded by clients is a huge challenge in itself. At Axcend, we work to make this amalgamation smoother for you. We bring together our huge experience in working with multi-platform automation systems and building plant-wide integration services to address this challenge of Outdated Hardware Vs New Technology. We help you redefine your strategy, integrate systems and upgrade your technology in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

IA Integration

Our aim is to facilitate equipment manufacturers to develop effective and optimal plant control integration services. A plant uses different critical control systems that work on various processes and functions, and hence, an effective control system helps ease operations at a reduced cost. The biggest advantage to OEMs lies in their ability to charge competitive prices as a result of this increased ROI.

IA Integration

Axcend is proud to provide expertise to big names like AB, Siemens, Schneider and many more and hence are proud tin providing optimum utilization of your investment which hugely impacts your flexibility, training and maintenance cost.

With Axcend’s consulting and industrial automation services, you get increased flexibility, reduced downtime and lower training and maintenance costs.

IA Migration & Upgradation

Investment in industrial automation assets is a long time commitment and over years, the assets are inevitably subjected to technology obsolescence. There is a demand for newer, more innovative technology within the automation assets. Our Industrial Automation migration enables you to help your client seamlessly migrate from the older control systems to newer technologies.

Axcend’s unique automation reengineering methodology enables technology updates across the same platforms as well as cross-platform migration. Our smart reengineering methodology reduces the cost of engineering time which translates into a competitive advantage for your clients. Our migration solutions are engineered and validated through an integrated programming development, virtual testing and commissioning environment.

IA Virtual Commissioning

For line or equipment manufacturers, the systems initially exist as a digital landscape complete with sensors, drivers, controls and wiring diagrams. From these documents emerge the electrical and automation systems configuration; and subsequently the operational intelligence and manufacturing execution systems emerge.

This digital world meets the real world during the testing and commissioning phase. While physical checks of wiring systems can validate correctness to some extent, the bugs in automation systems and data inconsistencies, if any, will be known only late into the cycle. By this time, it is already too late for corrections. All of this can be addressed much earlier if the real world environment is simulated using a virtual equipment. For an equipment manufacturer, early detection of errors in configuration will result in less expenditure and effort required to make these changes, as against doing them much later.

Axcend’s virtual commissioning solutions allow you to offer this advantage to your clients. Our solution enables you to enhance your clients’ quality of automation engineering by simulating all layers right from field devices to bus communications to processes. While basic simulation allows you to simulate the signals, advanced simulation enables walk-through in stages through discrete event modeling specific to the equipment or line or plant.

This also enables your clients’ system to test and evaluate responses to critical events and exceptions to spot potential malfunctions upfront. This simulation validates the controls and automation engineering quality early in the project life cycle and hence your clients’ products will have higher quality and reliability. The duration of entire project life cycle is reduced as a result of lesser field commissioning time and quicker production time.

Industrial Operations Management

Axcend’s manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems is designed to aid equipment manufacturers in various industries to improve their operational efficiency. As system integrators, the real-time enablement of manufacturing operations will allow your client to make informed decisions. They will be able to respond to the market needs accurately and immediately thereby directly improving the bottom line and brand equity.

Our approach enables OEMs/clients of system integrators to build their systems in low-risk, incremental steps. The approach is also modular, thereby making it highly scalable and profitable in the long run. The system is built in a deliberate methodical manner with a bottom up approach – from basic downtime analysis, OEE and data collection to traceability and tracking systems, inventory management, dynamic scheduling and planning, to integrated end-to-end manufacturing execution systems.

Axcend adopts a consultative approach when it comes to working with OEMs/System Integrators or their clients. A thorough assessment of the existing systems and processes is made using the consulting framework that is based on the ISA 95 functional model. We then assess the maturity levels across all functions – planning, production, quality and maintenance – in terms of real-time enablement of these functions.

Real Time Intelligence

Real Time Intelligence

Our real-time intelligence solutions enable your clients to access plant information in real-time mode, allowing them to make instant but informed decisions. The information can be presented in a user-friendly and interactive dashboard and helps monitor and analyze the continuously changing plant-scenario.

Operation Analysis

Operation Analysis

Our operation analysis solutions will enable your client to correlate a wide range of events and data from both the streaming data feed and historical data silos. This gives them real-time, contextual information through advanced yet simple and interactive dashboards offering insights into the health of business performance and allowing them to take immediate action based on the business scenarios.

Industry Segments

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Power & Utility
  • Industrial Machinery

Customer Type

  • System Integrator
  • OEM