What We Do

At Axcend, it is our vision to create a more productive, efficient and responsible manufacturing sector. From our years of experience solving problems in the industry, we understand that no problem is independent; most problems are a jigsaw puzzle of several parts that make a perfect picture only when integrated flawlessly. Therefore, our focus is on bringing systems together – harmonizing minds and machines, minds with minds and machines with machines too.

Equipped with multi-dimensional and cross-functional expertise across domains, integrating the hard-side of industrial automation and the softer information technology, we help businesses make the most of their investments. Choose the service you need from our suite of services below. If you have a business problem in the industrial or utilities sectors, but can’t find a solution here, do write to us at are always happy to build something new.

Our Services


Bringing industry-experience and domain expertise to help you make informed business decisions.


Help your clients derive maximum benefits from data through contextual collection, organization and analysis of information.


Building solutions using state-of-the-art technology for your clients’ IT systems and manufacturing plants.