Participated to green Earth foundation

I want to tell about My new year resolution.On 1st jan 2020 I decided that from my side I need to be contribute something for Nature.Nature is giving Everything to us but as a ritten what we are giving to them Pollution,Population,dirtyness,deforestation.As we saw what happen in Austrelia How much animal is died because of bushfire because of Human why oher need to be suffer.So I decided that Whatever i can help for for green earth i will do.So suddenly on my birthday day one of my close friend who was already doing good job for green earth foundation As in maharashtra it is "Haritwari foundation" he suggeted me to help in that,So I started Contributing in that As I am not able to go there and do plantation i am contributing money for plantation and Water supply management.It is really feeling good and it was awesome experiance I will suggest to all that to do something for nature it is a valuable and necessary.

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