Navigating through disruptive technology shifts is a tough conundrum for OEMs as it requires a steady infusion of skilled resources and funds, which are hard to come by due to weak market demand.

On the other hand, technology, led by data-driven models and Industry 4.0, and systems upgrade also involves a steep learning curve that requires time and effort.

This is exactly where an expert in industrial IT and automation like Axcend can intervene and help OEMs to leapfrog the perennial crunch for skilled resources. We can be your extended arm and develop best-fit, transformative IT-OT solutions to modernize your equipment and maximise value for your customers.

Through our flexible engagement models, you can balance the priorities of innovation and cost-effectiveness.

Our Engagement Models


Outsourcing & Staff Augmentation

Dedicated technical Squads for both
onsite and offsite deployment

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Co-development & Turnkey Solutions

Building Best-in-Class, Custom Solutions
(Outsourced Product Development)

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Outsourcing & Staff Augmentation

Following your development processes and using your assets, our technical Squads, with top-notch and experienced talent integrate seamlessly with your team, protecting your IP that's critical to your business.

Whether the requirement is for a single resource or a multi-disciplinary team, we can assemble Squads swiftly from our readily-available roster for:

Connectivity & interoperability

Connectivity Engineering | Mobile Engineering | IoT

Product Enhancement

Digital Platforms & Applications | Migration & Upgradation

Product Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Connectivity Engineering Squad

Delivering end-to-end connectivity solutions for equipment manufacturers.

Tools Framework:
Visual Studio

Tech Stack:
Microsoft Azure - MicroServices, Analytics, Functions, Docker | AWS | API Gateway | .NET | C#

Mobile Engineering Squad

Delivering UX & customer experience solutions for OEMs.

Tools Framework:
Eclipse | Xamarin | React Native

Tech Stack:
Android | iOS | JAVA | Swift

IoT Squad

Helping OEMs develop and integrate best-in-class IoT systems and solutions with Edge and Cloud platforms.

Tools Framework:
IoT Edge GateWay | Arduino | Raspberry-Pi

Tech Stack:
Python | NodeJS

Digital Platforms & Apps Squad

Upgrades & kits, add-on solutions, and software upgrades for your equipments.

Tools Framework:
Visual Studio

Tech Stack:
C# | Windows Service | WCF | WPF | WinForms | Database | ASP.NET | AngularJS | ReactJS | HTML | CSS | JS | Jquery | WebAPI | Web Services | Database | SignalR

Migration & Upgradation Squad

Modernising control systems for equipment manufacturers.

Tools Framework:

Tech Stack:
Rockwell | Siemens | Ignition | ABB | Schneider | Wonderware

Quality Assurance Squad

End-to-end testing of integration, connectivity, IoT systems, add-on solutions, and core PLC/SCADA/DCS for OEMs.

Tools Framework:
Visual Studio | Selenium | Test Complete | JIRA | Bugzilla | Excel

Tech Stack:
C# | ASP.NET | JAVA | AngularJS | ReactJS | HTML | CSS | JS | Jquery | WebAPI | Web Services | Windows Service | WCF | WPF | WinForms | Database


Co-Development & Turnkey Solutions

We provide Outsourced Product Development (OPD) spanning the manufacturing value chain through our multidisciplinary engineering teams that specialize in building transformative engineering solutions at a global scale.

We pride ourselves in enhancing the OEM’s technical capabilities through continuous improvisations and innovations. Over the years, we have a stellar track record of building custom solutions from ground up for both OEMs and Industry Solution Providers, across industry verticals.

Scope of services

  • Equipment modernization including software architecture upgrade and control systems upgrade.
  • Seamless connectivity and integration of OEM’s equipment with the main as well as the peripheral systems’ framework.
  • Concept design, IT configuration, connectivity protocols, cybersecurity, and engineering support.
  • Validation of design, engineering and production processes, and products.
  • Building repositories of standardized codes, common frameworks, interfaces, platforms, and systems.
  • Creation of new algorithms for seamless interactions & capturing real-time data to detect anomalies.
  • Enabling Digital/Smart Manufacturing, digitization, and migration to new platforms.
  • End-of-line testing, equipment calibration and pre-commissioning testing suites.
  • Pre-built simulations for equipment relocation, commissioning and decommissioning.
  • Adherence to industry standards, best practices, quality control, and compliance frameworks.
  • Industrial IoT-enabled remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance analysis.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure for application hosting and management.
  • Industrial data analytics and real-time dashboards for plant visibility as well as predictive and preventive maintenance.
  • Training & development (both remote and onsite).
  • Consultancy, advisory, & support services spanning the product life cycle.
  • Knowledge platform (Machomnis) for pedagogical intervention.
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Success Stories AUTOMATION OEM We developed and implemented a cybersecurity platform for a leading global automation OEM to prevent any security breaches in their manufacturing plant.

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Success Stories HVAC OEM We developed an e-learning tool with interactive maintenance modules for a leading multinational energy and HVAC OEM to plug skill-set gaps and enhance workmanship.

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Success Stories AUTOMOTIVE OEM We built a product right from the scratch (a Next-Gen Dynamometer Testing Rig) to help an Indian MNC, which is into manufacturing machinery for various industrial applications, to counter global competition.

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