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Embedded Engineering

The line between physical and cyber systems are blurring day by day as technology evolves rapidly and customer’s preference moves towards extracting and analysing data across the functions right from equipment to operations. Embedded systems power this digital revolution. The onus is on the OEMs to develop innovative, well-designed, and sophisticated products combining sensors, computing ability, connectivity, and interoperability.

Axcend’s Embedded Engineering services enables OEMs to keep pace with the innovation and develop embedded systems that can put them ahead of their competition.

We provide end-to-end services right from consulting to design to development and testing allowing OEMs to focus on their core strength—product vision and innovation.

What we offer

  • Consulting
  • Turnkey product engineering
  • Hardware Engineering

    Wireless product development
    Electro-mechanical device development
    PCB, FPGA based hardware

  • Embedded system integration

    Embedded IoT

  • Embedded software engineering

    Firmware development
    Board support packages
    Device driver and protocol stack development
    Boot loaders
    Event handlers
    Tools and utilities
    RTOS development

  • Verification and Validation

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