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OEMs around the globe are facing unprecedented challenges owing to increased competition, tougher regulations, rapidly evolving technology landscape, and ever-changing customer preferences. Whether an automation product manufacturer or a manufacturer of industrial equipment, OEMs need to reinvent themselves with new business models, take their products to market quickly, and constantly up their game in innovation. All this while optimizing processes and improving the bottom line.

Having the right partner will help OEMs harness the power of technology, capitalize on the opportunities, and move quickly towards transformation.

Axcend’s offerings cover the end-to-end spectrum of product development right from consulting to co-create the initial concept through to feasibility analysis and design to inspection and final product. Axcend engages with a variety of OEMs — instrument manufacturers, packaging equipment manufacturers, compressor & HVAC manufacturers, and many more. This enables OEMs to extend their capabilities, enhance their innovation, and meet the demands of tomorrow, today!

With Axcend’s offerings, OEMs can

Accelerate their product development cycle.

Deepen focus on their core capabilities.

Broaden their innovation horizon.

Boost their product’s value proposition.

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Leading global pharmaceutical equipment OEM achieved near 100% visibility into their equipments and enhanced their customer experience