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Transform Manufacturing with MESh

Amplify visibility, attain real-time insights, and gain unparalleled control over your shop floor operations. MESh's Track and Trace unlocks the power of your own data by seamlessly harmonizing and contextualizing it, allowing you to drive efficiency and transparency throughout your manufacturing process—from suppliers to your customers.

MESh , Empowering Operations Through Manufacturing Intelligence

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Digital Thread of Manufacturing Operations

Seamless Digitization for Operational Excellence
Navigate the intricate processes of your shop floor with ease. MESh creates a comprehensive digital thread, unlocking complete operational visibility and driving a holistic understanding of your manufacturing dynamics.

Manufacturing Track and Trace

Pulse of Your Shop Floor
Get real-time production insights along with the context of every operational event on the shop floor.

Visibility across ecosystem

Extend your visibility to Suppliers and Customers
Attain complete visibility of parts and product genealogy across your entire manufacturing ecosystem. Promote transparency and accountability, mitigating potential risks before they occur.

4M Trace across Process

Granular Tracking for Control and Optimization
Understand the intricacies of your operations with granular tracking. Ensure control and optimization across key dimensions: Man, Machine, Material, and Method.

Faster Analysis with Unified Data Capture

Unlock Powerful Insights
Harmonize diverse data sources for a consolidated view. Unlock powerful insights and analytics for swift decision-making and comprehensive reporting.



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MESh is more than a Track and Trace tool; it's a catalyst for transformation. Elevate your manufacturing operations, enhance visibility, and make informed decisions with confidence. Reach out to us today to revolutionize the way you manufacture.