IR Test Framework

The Challenge

  • New Product launches lagging Market demands of the time resulting in revenue loss and ceeding market share to competition
  • Significant engineering time & cost to customize QA framework.

The Client

Multinational conglomerate and one of the global leaders in Industrial Air Compressors & Refrigeration Equipment. Headquartered in USA with close to 100 manufacturing facilities all over the world.

Business Benefits

  • 1.Market demand met with new product portfolio resulting in improved sales.
  • 2.Gain significant advantage over competition.
  • 3.Engineering time and cost involved in adapting native quality framework for new products was reduced to near zero.

Axcend Solution

Axcend’s SMART engineering approach, putting to good use our twin expertise of control engineering and advanced IT application development, identified that a duplex configurator wrapper, which on the machine facing side can collect data from machines/equipment of different configurations and on other front map the collected data to the relevant handles in the client’s native quality application, which held a lot of proprietary intelligence to test the equipment.

The client awarded the project to Axcend – as our proposed solution was more holistic and approached the problem at design level and allowed them keep the proprietary native framework intact. Other solutions offered where stand-alone fixes which primarily offered to edit the native quality frame work or build a new one, with exorbitant costs and longer timelines.

The project started with our engineers grouping the parameters to be measured from the in-built control mechanisms of different machines and evolve a standardization model to make them configurable from the configurator application. Equipped with our SMART inter-operability framework which provides powerful interfacing options, our engineers were able to connect with the in-built control systems of the equipment and the configurator application.

In parallel, our application architects understood the design of the native quality framework of the client and codified the handshake mechanism of the configurator application for seamless data mapping.
The two parts, converging operational technology with IT technology were combined to create the configurator application that would interface between equipment of varied configuration and still effectively use the power of the native application.

Considering end user experience and the software eco-system of the client, .net was selected as the framework to develop the application with SQL as database. The application was deployed at one site to begin with and was soon deployed at multiple plants with measurable success.

The client reported a 40% faster Quality turnaround time for new equipment testing. The New product introduction (NPI) timeline across all the sites were improved by 40% and the process that took multiple weeks was now reduced to a single man day.

In a rapidly changing and demanding cooling equipment market, we were happy and proud to give our client a significant advantage and getting products demanded by the market faster and at a better quality than the competition.