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  • Consumer Packaged Goods

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  • System Integrator



  • Wonderware Archestra
  • Intouch
  • Opera Standard Library
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To stay ahead of the curve, it is important to constantly upgrade Automation Delivery operations through the lens of efficiency

Today, every major corporation focuses on three objectives

  1. Improve IT performance and manageability
  2. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  3. Improve Return of Investment (RoI)

The responsibility for the project costing and execution is shared between the onsite project team and offshore development team.

A US –based organization was looking for a technology vendor to do SCADA screen development for their company. Axcend, possessing the right blend of skill and competency, won the project through pre-sales operations such as joint-bidding and solution architecting. Thus began a fruitful partnership between Axcend and the client. The client was impressed with our project execution skills and capability and eventually expanded the scope of the project to other offshore tasks such as Simulation Testing, Customer Acceptance Documentation (CAT). Our professionalism and on-time delivery of project yielded in a successful long-term relationship with the client.


The client is Global Engineering Solutions provider possessing more than two-decades of experience in delivering high-value solutions using robust technology, thereby consistently improving their clients’ market place standing.

Business Situation

The client’s needs were multi-faceted. Given the project deadlines, they wanted greater accountability on deliverables, while scaling up global business with their Trusted Partners. Their project timelines were falling short of the expectations and they were looking to fix it. Quality Management was an issue as there were high expectations on quality and the client was unable to meet them. They also were looking to hire competent resources to run the processes.

Axcend’s Solution

After thoroughly examining different parameters that affect the client’s performance, we came up with a comprehensive solution plan. The first step of the plan was to provide support to the client in executing a project for a North American customer as an OffShore Development Partner. This support eased one part of the customer’s problems as they could leverage our rich experience and expertise in development and testing. The next step was to bolster the customer’s project execution skills. We provided a dedicated and competent team that was experienced in international project execution and was capable of incorporating International Standards into their operations.

We then revamped their IT infrastructure to ensure that their project execution continued seamlessly at the global level. Finally, we deployed cutting edge Project Management Tools, upgraded their software versions, boosted their Network Security and project information/data security and brought them up to match the International Standards.

Legacy Mimic

Legacy Mimic

Migrated mimic

Migrated Mimic

The proposed solution brought about greater operational agility for the client. We took a superior approach to presenting information in a quick, timely and relevant manner. Our solution also featured a long history of scalable and extensible solutions that collect, store, retrieve and deliver process related actionable. The other key advantage to our solution was that it was easily scalable to multiple plants.

This solution translated into many benefits for the client. For example, they were able to leverage their offshore talent as an extended arm, thereby maximizing on their resources. Unlike earlier, the client could now dynamically ramp up or ramp down their resources as per the project requirement without worrying about efficiency. They were also able to optimize their timeframe by making their IT infrastructure and other resources available 24×7. Our solution was able to generate a higher Return on Investment for the client. It also enabled e-learning and e-governance for both thus raising the competency levels of their human resources to global standards.

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