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To generate maximum wind energy, it is imperative to capture and process complicated data real-time with zero error.

The Wind Equipment Manufacturing industry is constantly looking for innovative ways to generate maximum energy. Wind power generation is primarily dependent on efficiently tapping the available wind strength and capturing the wind data from a potential location. It is also important to secure and manage terabytes of historic wind data, and analyze them by performing accurate analysis.


The client is a leading Wind Equipment manufacturer. Axcend was roped in to service the division that develops operational onshore and offshore wind farms for generating power. The success and failure of wind power generation depends on the way the vast tracts of wind data are handled. Nobody understands this space better than us and we brought all our experience in handling wind data management to the table.

Customer Challenges

The technological evolution led to accelerated growth in installations therefore increasing the power generation capabilities. This was extremely beneficial to the the client but these developments brought their own set of challenges to wind data analysis.

The data analysis that was performed earlier using spreadsheets, were prone to errors, not secure and often disparate and non-scalable. There was a clear absence in an enterprise-wide secure and integrated wind data management system.

The tools used were outdated desktop-based that were valid only for a single site, single-session analysis, leading to chaos and confusion.The tracking system used was weak therefore tracking any modifications, or analysis done on the historical wind data became impossible. The constantly evolving statutory compliance norms, also lead to further challenges.

Axcend’s Solution

In accordance with the problem, we came up with the perfect solution – IWIND. IWIND is a comprehensive wind data management application built specially to handle and analyze wind data from thousands of wind sites.Its advanced architecture improves process efficiency of the operations and reduces the time required for data analysis by a significant proportion. IWIND also has online connectivity to all the wind sites, thereby enabling real-time access to wind data, collation sans human errors and with real-time forecasting. IWIND supports both on-premise and SAAS models of deployment. IWIND is ideal for

  • Independent Power Producers
  • Wind Turbine Manufacturers catering to large wind farms
  • Forward looking organizations that seek to invest in wind power
  • Consultants providing wind data analysis services

IWIND addressed all the key problems faced by the client. It replaced the outdated desktop version with an application that can provide a multi-site, multi-session, multi-data logger support. It also has eliminated the problem of data security by providing a secure platform for an enterprise-wide wind data tracking and management. Errors were eliminated by incorporating statistical algorithms for appropriate patching. IWIND provided very user-friendly graphical tools for data interface. Finally, our solution also enabled reporting and data analysis in a format that was regulatory compliant. Integrated automation reduced manual efforts by 60% thereby decreasing delivery time while increasing the data quality. Thereby making wind data management smart.The client was able to make real-time informed decisions by predicting the amount of energy that will be produced. To know more about how we can help with your business data analysis, please visit our intelligence practice. Also see our web page on Development.