Industry Segment

  • Automotive

Customer Type

  • OEM



  • Simulation software
  • MS SQL Server
  • PC based data acquisition Cards
  • DC Drive
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Installing latest technology platforms for Control and IT systems will put you on-par with the best in the world.

The manufacturing sector is often considered among the last industries to adopt latest technology. Be it the shop floor or the showroom, large manufacturing organisations are cautious about experimenting with new technology and rightly so. In machine-heavy manufacturing, migrating to new technology is not only experimental but also expensive. It is for this reason too that upgrading to suitable, reliable and efficient new technology makes some companies stand head and shoulders over the others. Different scenarios call for upgrading different stages of a product development life-cycle in a company. As a product development partner for automation OEMs, Axcend is ideally poised to contribute at any stage of the product development cycle. When a multi-national original equipment manufacturer in the automotive industry recognised their need to upgrade their instrumentation, control and software system, and were keen on improving the overall system reliability and efficiency they chose Axcend to execute it for them.


The client is a leading automotive OEM, competing with the best in the world. The division we serviced designs and builds, among other things, dynamometer test rigs.

Customer Challenges

The OEM was losing their market-share to products from international competitors, which were built on newer technology and were compact. The ineptitude of the client’s existing instrumentation, control and software technology—mechanical inertia simulation—in configuration, scalability, troubleshooting capability, usability and reporting was costing the client business and competitiveness.

Axcend’s Solution

Axcend was appointed to execute the task of migrating their Control & IT systems to the latest technology platform. With our vast experience in Product Development Services we were able to assess and act on the client’s requirements straightaway. We assisted the client in conceptualizing and designing their required instrumentation controls, DC drive and PC based systems for the brake lining Test Rig systems. The client conducted an Electrical Simulation of the Test Rig for which the algorithm and a compatible control software application was provided by Axcend. Their performance necessitated a deterministic operating system environment and Axcend was able to provide that system based on the real time platform Lab View. We then moved on to the critical process steps such as scheduling, parameterization, test execution, calibration, reporting, trending & data logging using a specially developed software that was both configurable and had generic applications. Finally, we also extended its services to Onsite Testing, Validation & Commissioning assistance for the intended client.

Solution Features

In order to be powerful enough to meet the performance requirements of the client’s business goals, we built the system on LabVIEW, the real-time system design platform and deterministic operating system environment. The solution involved user-friendly reporting features that helped the client in taking informed decisions. There was also a provision for run-time editing of parameters, a feature that was not available earlier. Our solution led to a marked increase in accuracy and precision.

Business Benefits

The client witnessed direct business benefits as a result of Axcend’s intervention and assistance. They were able to conduct Electrical Simulation of Inertia that resulted in reducing their cost, increasing their compactness and accuracy. The Dynamometer operated in much stable environment and a better control system. The client’s Control and IT system was now on-par with international quality. The management had better control over decision making as more accurate and real-time data was now available at their hands. The application was both generic and configurable and hence possessed high reusability, which translated into direct business benefits for the client in terms of profitability.

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