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Manufacturers today are facing immense pressure across various functions-supply chain complexities, rising input costs, shortage of skilled labour and so on. It is becoming increasingly difficult for them to achieve the golden balance between their operational levers while maintaining margins. To squeeze every dollar of their investments it is imperative that manufacturers turn to digital transformation.

While digital transformation is beginning to get mainstream, it is still an eclectic mix of technologies made to work together with no easy way to identify and implement. This is true for both solution providers and the manufacturers.

With a well-defined framework that digitizes the factory operations, it is possible to make digital transformation less disruptive and technology adoption more frictionless.

Axcend brings a powerful Digital Transformation Platform* that creates a digital product-process thread which provides manufacturers the visibility and insights into their operations.

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With the Digital Transformation Platform, solution providers and manufacturers can


What is Digital Transformation Platform?

Dwigital is a revolutionary framework driven approach that creates product-process threads in a powerful manner. This enables manufacturers to create digital twins not only of the equipment, but also the actual factory operations. This allows seamless flow of information between functions that can be viewed through contextual lenses of man, material, method and machine and enables the manufacturer to better orchestrate the processes.

This platform is built in a modular fashion allowing plug-ins like discrete event simulation, ML models and so on which can provide much needed insights for the manufacturing enterprise.

  • Plant Manager,
    I'm glad that our wire harness operations have been digitised. I can see the complete material visibility in stores and shop floor allowing me to plan better.
    Plant Manager,
    Reputed wire harness manufacturer in India

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