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The Challenge

Energy management in data centers is no small feat. The client needed a solution that went beyond basic monitoring, providing actionable insights and maintaining operational efficiency. They required a system that could deliver comprehensive visibility, real-time control, and proactive maintenance to ensure their data centers operated seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Our Solutions

We designed and implemented an advanced SCADA-based BMS Electric Power Monitoring System (EPMS) using the Wonderware System Platform SCADA. This system provided the following key features:

Advanced Design and Implementation

Using Wonderware System Platform SCADA, we created a robust and flexible EPMS tailored to the client’s needs, capable of handling complex data center energy management.

Standardized Tools for Operational Excellence

We employed a library of standardized graphic symbols and equipment templates to ensure consistent and efficient operations.

Detailed Single Line Diagrams (SLD)

Utilizing EPMS tools and Wonderware ArchestrA IDE, we developed detailed SLDs that offered deep insights into the electrical architecture, facilitating effective power distribution management.

Seamless Integration

The SLDs were integrated into Wonderware InTouch, enabling real-time monitoring and control, which enhanced operational agility.


Enhanced Visibility and Decision-Making

The system provided comprehensive visibility into critical equipment parameters, enabling operators to make swift and informed decisions.

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Proactive Maintenance and Reduced Downtime

Configured SCADA Alarms alerted operators to anomalies and limit breaches, allowing for proactive maintenance interventions and minimizing downtime risks.

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