Amazing Andamans

We had been to Andamans in the last week of December 2019. It was an absolute bliss & energizing. It has beautiful, white sand, clear water beaches which one can enjoy. The fact that there is practically no 3G/4G helps one to disconnect and truly enjoy the natural beauty & re-energize one self. Things like snorkelling, Scuba diving are an absolute must. We did Scuba Diving with Ocean Tribe & it was truly a wonderful experience. The corals, fish you get to see at a depth of 40 feet below the sea-level are out of the world, added to the thrill of the diving experience. They train you on how to dive, breathe so don’t worry if you haven’t done it before – the professionals take care of it. In terms of places to eat, Anju Coco’s is an absolutely wonderful place & we visited the one on Havelock Island repeatedly. We landed at Port Blair & then you need to take a speedboat to reach Havelock Island. We also saw a bit of history when we visited the Andaman Jail where Veer Savarkar was held for a few years. The RainForest resort at Port Blair where we stayed is an absolutely wonderful plan with awesome cottages & lovely food. The resort at Havelock is also reasonably good. To sum up the visit, it was a very relaxing experience coupled with some thrills of Scuba Diving, Snorkelling. If one is planning to visit Andamans anytime soon, happy to share more details

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